The IG Division is the smallest department within Van Metre Companies, totaling only two people. Creating the department was the idea of the Owners back in late 2002. Because the company grew at such a fast pace the Owners were concerned they would not be able to focus on the strategic direction for the company; and to ensure that Van Metre’s reputation, high standards, and overall customer satisfaction goals were being achieved. The Owners of Van Metre Companies decided to create a group that would act as their “eyes and ears.” The resulting IG group would perform “frontline quality control,” reporting their observations back to the Owners.

    The IG group not only interfaces with Van Metre employees internally, but with Van Metre tenants as well.  The IG Department does not supplant the line organizations’ responsibilities within Van Metre. IG does not plan, schedule, execute, or function as a quality assurance or customer service organization per se. Such functions are the primary responsibilities of the various divisions within Van Metre Companies. Instead, the IG Department acts to ensure that the divisions are consistently responsive (timely) and responsible (reasonable) in their service to customers.

The IG department accomplishes these goals through the following activities:

• Inspecting all commercial properties for cleanliness, functionality.
• Independent survey of new commercial property tenants' satisfaction post move-in and mid-lease.
• Monitoring of surveys and alerts from third party organizations.
• Educating tenants on the proper channels for escalation and problem resolution, thus facilitating timely and responsible response by the line organizations.
• Acting as a point of intervention for tenants when Owner involvement is requested, but not yet required.
• Performing independent audits to ensure that full and open procurements are consistently performed.
• It is through these efforts that the Owners have the ability to assess accurate and timely trends in Van Metre Commercial performance, and can ensure that tenants receive the highest level of quality product and overall satisfaction.

Our Employees are Family

The proof that The Van Metre Companies provide such a satisfying workplace is clear to see in the longevity of our employee base. Nearly 15% of our employees have been with the company for 10 years or longer, and some have been with the company for more than 30 years! We also foster life-work balance through our Employee Wellness Program, which encourages healthy living and physical fitness. We are proud to be named in 2012 Greater Washington's Healthiest Employers.
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