Rental relationships focused on personalizing our business and yours
Our leasing professionals offer an all-inclusive deal perspective that helps re-define landlord and tenant relationships. Van Metre’s attention to prospective tenants’ needs result in an annual vacancy rate that has averaged less than 5%. Decade long tenants are proof of our mutual loyalty and shared success as part of the Van Metre way. You will never experience a revolving door nature to our business model and our above average retention rates show that we are measured by a different standard.
Noticeable strengths:
• Above average occupancy rates
• Personalized and attractive leasing options
• Great retention rates
• Well rounded rental relationships


Park and Ride is the way to go

Leave your car in a well maintained lot, catch a bus, carpool or vanpool or hop on your bike. Park and ride lot locations can be found at various Van Metre properties; one of many conveniences offered at our communities.
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