Hayfield Center - Alexandria, VA

Client Feedback...
This is a great area to grow a business. Alexandria is a heavily populated town with a health and wellness focus; it’s great to have such interest from the community.
Steve Friot, Owner
StarFit Studio
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Hayfield Center, located at the intersection of Telegraph Road and Hayfield Road in densely populated Alexandria, VA, is a thriving suburban retail center pivotal to the daily convenience of tens of thousands of Fairfax County residents. Anchored by a 50,000+ square foot Giant supermarket, Hayfield Center totals approximately 95,000 square feet and also includes lunchtime eateries, family restaurants, specialty stores and professional and medical offices.
Hayfield Center is a traditional Fairfax County power location situated on Telegraph Road in Alexandria, VA. Access to all major thoroughfares and easy access to Metro rail, this center is truly convenient.


Year Built: 1986

Floors: 1

Square Footage: 94,849

Uses: Retail/Medical

Parking: 446 spaces


Leasing Contact
Beatty Management
(703) 821-0500 

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